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WILLARD, Ohio– Cheerleaders in Willard City Schools will still be able to tumble and do flips, but they will no longer be allowed to toss one another into the air.

Tuesday night, the school board voted to allow stunting in its cheerleading program with certain restrictions.

“This is unique because no other sport put us in this position to make this type of decision,” said Chris Rothhaar, school board president.

According to Rothhaar, the board made the changes to the cheerleading program after the district’s insurance companies pressured them for a decision.

“There will be no more basket-tossing. The advisers will have to become certified and trained. And cheerleaders will only perform at halftime shows and not along the sidelines,” said Marsha Danoff, school board member.

The Willard High School cheerleading team consists of 16 student athletes.

“Our staff has always had the safety of our athletes first and foremost. We want our athletes to achieve the highest level of our sport along with preparing them for the collegiate level,” said the WHCS coach in a statement.

The cheerleaders typically perform stunts at the homecoming pep rally. Willard’s homecoming is Friday, Sept. 28.