BRUNSWICK, Ohio (WJW) – Will local teenager, Summer Rios, make it through through to the next round of America’s Got Talent? That’s what we’ll find out Wednesday night!

Rios got mixed reviews from judges after her live performance of “Control” by Zoe Wees on Tuesday’s episode of AGT.

Rios got applause from each judge, with Heidi Klum even standing up out of her seat. 

Judge Sophia Vergara was the first to give her review of the performance and said she hopes Rios is one of the two who get to make it on to the next round of AGT.

“Summer, that was so beautiful. You know what I love about you is your personality. I really, really wish that tonight America votes for you,” Vergara said. “It’s a very hard competition tonight. Only two are going to go to the finals and I really, really hope that one of them is you.”

Simon Cowell started with a positive review of Rios’ performances, but eventually was “booed” by the audience and was called a “Grinch” by Vergara. 

“Summer I remember your audition like it was yesterday. I thought it was brilliant. And what I liked about you, like Sophia said, I loved your personality. There was a kind of a rawness to your audition, which I think we lost tonight. Everything, to me, felt a little bit overproduced,” Simon said before being called a “Grinch.” “No I’m not being the Grinch because I really do like her and I like the song, I didn’t love the song, but I really, really like you.”

Even after a mixed review from Cowell, Rios stood on stage, still all smiles, and said, “Thank you. I appreciate it.”

Judge Howie Mandell also wasn’t a huge fan of the performance on Tuesday night.

“You’re beautiful, you have incredible stage presence (and) personality. Just to echo what they’re saying, only two can go through, and sometimes when you’re just singing, you gotta blow the roof off the place,” Mandell said. “I thought you did a great job. It wasn’t my favorite song. (It’s) not up to me, it’s up to America. I think you did as good as you possibly could.”

Judge Heidi Klum was the last to give her review of the performance saying, “I really like what you did. I think this is a really really big song and you’re such a young, delicate little girl, young lady, and I feel like you really nailed it. So don’t listen to all this negativity. You’ve done really, really well so you should be proud.”

America’s Got Talent Host Terry Crews asked Rio what she thought of the judge’s reviews. She said, “It’s totally understandable. Everyone has their own opinions on things and I’m just taking in what they’re saying as advice and tips for the next performance if I make it through.”

Summer Rios, a 19-year-old from Brunswick, made her first appearance on AGT in August, where she wowed the judges. 

Before her first AGT performance, Rios told the judges she’s been singing since she was 4 years old and is currently a manager at Pizza Hut.

“I’m hoping that this will get me out of pizza cutting and pizza making,” Rios said.

Rios sang “Something in the Orange” by Zack Bryan and got a huge applause. 

In Rios’ most recent instagram post, she captioned her video, “Please please please go and vote for me to help me make it through to the finale!! I had such a fun and awesome time tonight and this is an experience I’ll never forget.”