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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) – Along with a major announcement on schools Thursday, we’re also expected to learn from Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine what criteria he’s watching that could prompt new restrictions and closures in the state.

In March, everything in Ohio that was deemed non-essential was closed.

Businesses slowly began reopening in May.

Now, Ohio is seeing a surge in new coronavirus cases.

Wednesday, the state reported the highest single-day number of cases since April.

There were 1,076 new cases, with 52,865 across the state, according to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH).

If we want to be able to go out and live our lives, this mask is a symbol of freedom.

Gov. Mike Dewine

Gov. DeWine now says 20 to 39-year-olds account for more than a third of all cases.

Will there be new closures and restrictions if the rise in cases continues?

Gov. DeWine plans to reveal seven metrics Thursday that he and ODH look at, along with local health departments.

“And so when we, when I come in, as I’ve done last several times and say we’re worried about Hamilton County, we’re worried about Montgomery County, that is not me looking at numbers. I mean, I look at numbers, but it is taking seven different metrics and seeing how those line up,” Gov. DeWine said Monday.

“Montgomery County was going the wrong way on four. Hamilton was five. That’s why the alert goes up. That’s why the warning goes up. And we start talking about those two counties. We’re not liking what we’re seeing in Cuyahoga County either.”

Monitoring the metrics county-by-county may indicate that if there are new restrictions, they’ll be at the county level and not statewide.

“We can control our future. I can work on more testing every day, which is what we’re doing. I’m getting a lot more testing and that’s one way to run this devil down. But the most important thing we can do is what individual Ohioans do. And the lieutenant governor saying a moment ago, you know, if we want to be able to go out and live our lives, this mask is a symbol of freedom. It’s a symbol of freedom.”

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