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(NEXSTAR) – The Easter bunny makes the rounds on Sunday, but other deliveries may be delayed over the holiday weekend.

The United States Postal Service does not list Good Friday nor Easter Sunday as recognized holidays for employees. Of course, the USPS observes every Sunday as a day off, but this means business will also go on, as usual, every other day of the holiday weekend, as well as Monday, April 10.

In other cases, when a recognized holiday falls on a weekend, the USPS observes it either the day before or the day after.

“If a holiday falls on a Sunday, for most USPS employees, the following Monday will be treated as a holiday for pay and leave purposes,” the agency explains. If a holiday happens to fall on a Saturday, then most employees will get the day before (Friday) off.

Amazon also does not recognize Easter as a holiday for employees, according to the company’s website.

FedEx, however, has modified service over the holiday weekend. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, FedEx SameDay City, Custom Critical and Trade Networks deliveries are all running as normal, but the company’s other (more common) types of deliveries are affected.

On Good Friday, FedEx Ground, Home Delivery and Ground Economy are all open, but Express and Freight Delivery may have modified service.

On Saturday, the day before Easter, FedEx Express and Home Delivery are running, but Ground, Ground Economy and Freight deliveries are shut down.

On Easter Sunday, only FedEx Home Delivery will be operating.

On Monday, all FedEx deliveries are business as usual.

On Good Friday, UPS is running as normal. But deliveries and pickups are all on pause for the Easter Sunday holiday, and some UPS stores may be closed, according to the company.