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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The Cleveland Browns recent controversial Deshaun Watson trade is receiving mixed reactions from fans including disapproval from Andrea Thome, wife of Indians legend Jim Thome.

Andrea shared her reaction recently on Twitter saying this is where she draws the line and announced they are now canceling their Browns season tickets.

Officially canceled our Browns season tickets today and asked for a refund as they were paid in full. Very sad after 40 years as a fan, but this is my line in the sand. I believe women. Especially when there are 22 of them. That press conference did nothing to change my mind.

Her tweet came the same day the Browns held a press conference to introduce Watson and address the controversy surrounding the lawsuits. There, he dismissed needing counseling because he feels he’s been falsely accused.

“All I can say is I never assaulted, I never disrespected, I never harassed any woman in my life. I wasn’t raised that way. My mom and my aunties didn’t raise me that way over the course of my life. That’s not in my DNA,” Watson said during the press conference.

Minutes after Andrea made her stance known publicly, she laid out her plan in case the organization doesn’t refund their money saying she’ll use it as an opportunity to bring awareness and raise funds for victims.

They may not give us a refund. But I sent the letter today. If (the Browns) won’t refund—-I will auction off every single game and publicly donate every cent to different women’s crisis charities in N.E. Ohio, raising awareness week by week during the season.

She says the last 48 hours of threats, name-calling, false-accusations and character assassination have been worth it. She stands by her decision especially after receiving a letter from one of 22 women accusing Watson of sexual assault. The letter says Andrea’s stand against sexual violence is one more reason to keep her going.

I wouldn’t wish the last 48 hours on anyone, but this letter is why it was worth it. I stand by my decision and none of threats, name-calling, false-accusations or character assassination makes any difference. Other peoples opinion of me is none of my business.