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CLEVELAND (WJW) – A new age of cleanup is coming to Northeast Ohio

Grocery store chain, Meijer, is joining the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup Program to deploy its latest technology to help clean up busy beaches and waterways.

“You’ll be able to see them at Edgewater Beach, at North Coast Harbor and Fairport Harbor Beach,” said Erik Petrovskis, Director of Environmental Compliance at Meijer. 

Petrovskis says there are two technologies that will be deployed: 

1) Bebot–a remote-controlled robot that will rake through sand, cleaning up waste left behind by people. 

2) Pixie drone– a remote-controlled drone, which navigates through waterways and can collect up to 200 pounds of material per use.

“The technology is a great advantage in alleviating some of the issues of cleanup like just having bodies out there to clean our beaches. In that way, it’s a great improvement,” shared Petrovskis. 

Beyond the physical difference made, there is hope that this new technology sends a message to the community as well. 

“The function of this project is not only to physically help with the cleanup but also to raise awareness in our communities and hopefully people will think twice,” explained Petrovskis. 

A new look, a new way, but the same goal is to help preserve our great lake.

Erik Petrovskis- Director of Environmental Compliance at Meijer

“Let’s keep our Great Lakes clean. The Great Lakes are an economic vitality. They are a source of recreation,” said Petrovskis.