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(The above video is the FOX 8 weather forecast, and more info about Canada wildfires)

GRAFTON, Ohio (WJW) — Have you noticed the sun and moon (aside from the weekend’s Strawberry Moon) over Northeast Ohio have had unique colors in recent days?

FOX 8 NEWS Meteorologist Alexis Walters says the change to a more dramatic hue of orange for the sun at times and more yellow for the moon at times is due to the current wildfires in Canada.

The sun is especially affected during sunset when it’s lower on the horizon as the light has to pass through more haze caused by smoke from the wildfires.

Moon over Grafton. Photo taken by Ron Jantz

Walters said the massive wildfires bringing this smoke are mainly in Quebec and throughout Ontario right now.

Sun over Grafton. Photographer Ron Jantz said the background appears dark because he adjusted the camera’s aperture to focus solely on the true color of the sun as it appeared in the haze Sunday.

“We have a strong northeasterly flow due to high pressure in NE Canada coinciding with the travel direction of the smoke,” Walters said

“With more humidity, particles of smoke can attach to water molecules in the air making them heavier and slowing down their movement. With our lack of humidity, smoke travels more easily and further,” Walters added.

Smoke may continue to increase through Tuesday morning.

The photos of the haze from the Canada wildfires affecting the hue of the sun and moon over Grafton in Lorain County Sunday were taken by Ron Jantz.