BRUNSWICK, Ohio (WJW) – You’ve seen them on the roadway and chances are, you’ll keep seeing them a lot.

As electric cars grow in popularity, the City of Brunswick is hoping to go slow but steady to win the race in building places for drivers to charge up. 

Brunswick Economic Director, Grant Aungst, says the city council passed an ordinance to put a pause on all applications to build charging stations within city limits. 

“So, let’s take a pause and look at it. Let’s work with some folks who know EV chargers,” explained Aungst.  

It’s a decision he is calling proactive, not reactive.

“Let’s have deeper discussion about their size, their location, how they are going to fit into the community,” Aungst added. 

The pause is set to last for six months but can be lifted before then. 

The biggest issue the city council wants to work on is safety.

“We have gas stations that have gas pumps that are staffed throughout the day. Now, we might have an EV charging at a grocery store so that maybe no one is there after 10 at night,” said Aungst. 

As for those who are wondering why there needs to be a pause in the first place, Aungst says they just need some time to do this the right way. 

“We want what is best for the city of Brunswick. That’s why we are going through this process and doing it right.”