CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – Cleveland City Council approved an ordinance Monday night that bans the release of more than 10 balloons.

The legislation points out the environmental impact of balloon releases.

“This council finds,” the legislation notes, “that the release into the atmosphere of large numbers of balloons inflated with lighter-than-air gases poses a danger and nuisance to the environment and public safety.”

According to the legislation, latex balloons can take anywhere between six months to four years to biodegrade.

Mylar balloons can cause a surge of electricity that short circuits equipment and can even lead to outages and fires.

Balloons can also be mistaken by wildlife for food.

The legislation also notes animals can get tangled up in the string and die.

During Great Lakes cleanups between 2016 and 2018 about 18,000 pieces of balloons made of mylar or latex were found, according to the legislation.

Several cities and states have banned balloon releases.

While the legislation mostly focuses on the environmental impact, the other aspect is public safety.

The Balloonfest Disaster in 1986 in Cleveland caused multiple accidents and hampered the search for 2 missing fishermen.