PARMA, Ohio (WJW) — A local fire department is arming first responders with bullet proof vests in active shooter situations. That way paramedics will be able to treat any victims when first on scene.

Nearly a month after the deadly school shooting in Texas, the Parma Fire Department along with the Parma Police Department have developed a response task force in an active shooter situation.

“With the advent of all the active shootings, the times have dictated that we get more aggressive regarding that,” said firefighter TJ Martin.

Martin said firefighters are now sent to the scene right behind the police. And while officers search for the gunman, paramedics search for victims.

WJW photo

“We purchased bulletproof vests that allow our paramedics and our firefighters to enter the same structure as the police officers,” said Martin.

Martin said every ambulance, fire truck, and emergency vehicle is equipped with the vests, around 40 total. And the vests have been upgraded to include tourniquets to stem the flow of blood as paramedics move them to a safer area.

“We also include quick clot in our vests, which is what the military uses,” added Martin.

Parma Fire is among those departments in a growing movement toward sending in paramedics with the first officers at an active shooter scene.