CLEVELAND (WJW) – If we are talking about convenience at Cleveland Hopkins airport, travelers give it a thumbs up. 

“Well planned. Easy to navigate.”

“Really easy airport to get through. I rarely have to worry about getting to my gate on time.”

 But when it comes to appearance or amenities? 

“I definitely think there are things they can do to make it a little more comfortable and desirable to travel here.”

“A little outdated. It probably needs to be updated on that.”

 City officials are now working behind the scenes, preparing the facility for major renovations that would include new terminals, a centralized security checkpoint, and a new ticket area.

The project is the result of a year as long study, which concluded the 70+-year-old airport is old, outdated and poorly organized. 

“There have been some renovations in the past, but this will definitely be the largest that has ever been undertaken here at Hopkins.”

Cleveland’s acting director of port control, Dennis Kramer, says airline carriers, not taxpayers, will be asked to back the 2 billion terminal reconstruction. 

Kramer adds, “We’re in discussions with our airlines to figure out what that financing plans looks like. There will be multiple sources of financing, there will be grant money that we’ll be seeking, passenger facility charges. Customer facility charges.”  

Southwest airlines, released a statement to FOX 8 which reads in part, “We are looking forward to continuing the conversation with the airport on a new lease which keeps costs low and maintains a great customers and employees.”

On his way to Washington DC, Senator Sherrod Brown, who travels weekly, agrees the airport needs a major facelift. 

“The airlines haven’t exactly treated Hopkins airport fairly or well. This airport was thriving until the big airline merger between United and Continental, and these airlines owe more to this community,” said Sen. Brown. 

When it’s all said and done, about 70% of the terminal will be brand new with 30% remodeled. City chairs and the council’s transportation committee say the airport rebuild is overdue and necessary.