Cleveland Heights, Ohio (WJW) — Cleveland Heights will be lowering the speeds on some of its neighborhood streets.

The Cleveland Heights City Council passed an ordinance on November 21st that lowers the speed limit on sections of streets running through residential neighborhoods.

The speed limit will be lowered from 35 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour.

Streets affected by this change:

  • Euclid Heights Boulevard from Coventry Road to South Taylor Road
  • Lee Road
  • Noble Road, north of Monticello Boulevard
  • North Taylor Road, north of Monticello Boulevard
  • South Taylor Road between Fairmount Boulevard and Euclid Heights Boulevard.
Image credit: San Francisco MTA Vision Zero Action Plan, February 2015

The ordinance goes into effect Wednesday, December 21, but the new speed limit won’t be enforced until the new signs are posted.

The signs will start going up Wednesday.

Drivers will receive warnings through the end of January for speeding on streets where the speed limit was just reduced unless they’re exceeding the previous 35 mph speed limit.

Cleveland Heights says it is a strategy for eliminating all fatalities and severe injuries from traffic accidents while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all.

According to Cleveland Heights City Council, reducing speed limits in residential neighborhoods is an essential part of this effort.