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(NEXSTAR/WJW) – Like so many stale fruitcakes, America’s Christmas trees often find themselves thrown away with the trash in the days following the holidays.

Unlike a stale fruitcake, however, discarded Christmas trees can still serve a number of useful purposes after reaching their natural expiration dates.

Tim O’Connor, the executive director of the National Christmas Tree Association, said Christmas trees can easily be recycled, repurposed or donated, and he considers each option much better than simply trashing the tree.

Discarded Christmas trees can still serve a number of useful purposes after the holidays. (Getty Images)

“There’s no reason to fill up the landfill with Christmas trees,” O’Connor told Nexstar. “If it ends up in a landfill, it’s taking up that space unnecessarily because it is biodegradable and decomposable.”

There are “so many better options” than tossing it in the garbage, said O’Connor, who recommended alternatives such as composting or mulching the tree.

Here are some Northeast Ohio spots offering alternatives to putting your tree on the curb.

Cuyahoga County does not own a yard waste or compost site, but there are plenty of locally-owned facilities that do accept trees. Find a list of registered compost places right here. The Sterns Homestead Farm in Parma also accepts holiday trees.

Mahoning County’s Green Team accepts trees through the end of the month, with trees going to area fish habitats. Find out more right here.

Lake County residents can donate their trees at various Lake Metoparks locations through Jan. 22 in the provided tree bins. Find out more right here.

Those in Summit County can head to the Summit Metro Parks to give away their trees through the end of the month for mulch and compost purposes. Find out more right here.