BROWNSVILLE, Tennessee (WJW) – Many have never heard of Brownsville, Tennessee, but it has an incredible claim to fame.

It’s the home of music legend Tina Turner. The city is planning to honor the late singer with a statue. That’s according to an interview with the mayor.

The plans are in the works now, but the statue is set to go up in Brownsville’s Heritage Park near Carver High School, where Tina Turner attended.

The Tina Turner Museum is also in Brownsville, so the addition is fitting.

“When Tina stepped on stage, she owned it. We want this statue to represent that passion. Tina was an inspiration to the entire world … She showed the people of Brownsville no matter where you start, you own your story about where you end up,” Brownsville Mayor Bill Rawls Jr. told TMZ.

Turner died on May 24 at the age of 83.

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