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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Predictions say average gas prices in Ohio could hit $5 within the next couple of weeks, according to a statement from GasBuddy.

Ohio’s average gas price on Saturday skyrocketed to $4.80, but reports of prices at $4.99 were seen in the area, even $5.79 was spotted on Cedar Road in Cleveland Heights.

AAA shows the national average is up to $4.82, saying the culprits are domestic gasoline supply decreasing from 700,000 bbl to 219 million bbl last week and Memorial Day weekend’s gasoline demand growing from 8.8 million b/d to 8.98 million b/d.

“Coupled with volatile crude oil prices, pump prices will likely remain elevated as long as demand grows and supply remains tight,” AAA says in a news release.

Here are some of the lowest prices spotted in the greater Cleveland area:

  • Sunoco on the OH Turnpike in Broadview Heights – $4.46
  • Marathon on St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland – $4.49
  • Sam’s Club on Broadway in Bedford – $4.49
  • Sam’s Club on Cobblestone Road in Sheffield Village – $4.49
  • Costco on Detroit Road in Avon – $4.49

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