**Related Video Above: Daffodil Hill is in full, glorious bloom at Lake View Cemetery in 2021.**

CLEVELAND (WJW) — Spring is starting to shake the doldrums of winter, with plenty of sunshine, rain and flowers in bloom. But where can you find clusters of flowers in your community besides, presumably, in your own yard?

We’ve compiled a list of free spots you would be remiss to ignore while spring is springing in Northeast Ohio.

Daffodils at Lake View Cemetery. WJW photo

Daffodil Hill

The daffodils at Lake View Cemetery are now in full bloom, bringing lots of yellow and plenty of cheer to all of us coming out of a long winter. The east side cemetery is open to the public daily from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Find out more about the historic Lake View Cemetery, located at 12316 Euclid Avenue, right here.

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Wade Lagoon

Sandwiched between the Cleveland Museum of Art and Severance Music Center, the area is one of the most majestic in Cleveland all on its own. Add in some cherry blossoms and other seasonal flowers and Wade Lagoon truly sings (and offers photo opportunities galore). Find out more about how to enjoy University Circle right here.

Brookside Reservation

Connected to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Brookside Reservation is one of Cleveland’s oldest parks. And when spring comes around, the cherry blossoms are out in full force. Located at 3900 John Nagy Boulevard, 132-acre reservation features trails and picnic areas to take in even more flowers. Find out more here.

Rockefeller Park Greenhouse

The city-run greenhouse in the east side’s Rockefeller Park isn’t hidden, yet when you show up to this spot it feels like you’ve stumbled upon an-out-of-the-way Cleveland gem. The space at 750 East 88th Street is open to the public 10 a.m.-4 p.m. daily for free. Inside, plants (including super-hip succulents) and flowers fill the greenhouse, and outside you can walk through manicured gardens. Find out more right here.

Photo courtesy Kyle Lanzer/Cleveland Metroparks

Hemlock Picnic Area at Bedford Reservation

The Virginia bluebells come out at Bedford Reservation in Walton Hills every spring in a shock of vibrant color, going from pink to blue. The area is located off of Button Road and not only is picnicking available, but there are trails offering views of flowers and creeks. Find out more right here.

Cottonwood Picnic Area Rocky River Reservation

Want even more bluebell action? The Rocky River Reservation on Cleveland’s west side is also there for you. At the Cottonwood Picnic Area, located off of Valley Parkway in Fairview Park, the flowers inspire much awe and picture taking opportunities. Find out more about the spot right here.

Photo via Kyle Lanzer/Cleveland Metroparks

Wallin Creek hiking area Brecksville Reservation

It’s all about the hiking and the views at this location, the largest of the Cleveland Metroparks reservations. And this season you can check out the wildflowers throughout the myriad trails. Find a trail map right here.

Squire’s Castle. Getty Images

Squire’s Castle at North Chagrin Reservation

To be clear, a squire never lived in this shell of a castle, this is Ohio after all. But the Willoughby Hills area is certainly something to see in the spring, with flowers in bloom. Like other Cleveland Metroparks locales, people can hike and picnic around. Find out more about this historical spot right here.

**Video below: Take a look at the beautiful tulips in bloom at FOX 8 News in Cleveland.**