CLEVELAND (WJW) — For many of the Cleveland Browns most faithful fans the price to park in Cleveland’s Muni Lot before games is officially going up, but the increase will not be as high as previously feared.

City council on Monday approved a new rate for special events that raises the fee from the current $30 per parking space to “up-to” $50 dollars per space.

But Cleveland Council President Blaine Griffin says it will not immediately jump that high.

“The administration wanted to go up more, they wanted to go up to $70 in the original proposal,” Griffin told FOX 8 News on Monday. “City council set it to be able to go to a rate up to $50, but the price that they are going to charge is going to be $40.”

The increase becomes official as soon as the mayor or his designee signs the legislation.

Mayor Justin Bibb was in New York on Tuesday but Griffin expects that the city is already making signs and the increase will be effective starting with the Browns next home game this Sunday.

Muni Lot. WJW photo

“Cleveland is still the city for the working man, it is still the city for the working woman and we wanted to make sure that we are still welcoming and we are still embracing people to come down, but we needed to increase our prices in order to be able to handle the personnel, make infrastructure improvements that we need to on all of these lots,” said Griffin.

The legislation also includes increases for the city’s Willard Parking Lot behind city hall as well as for West Side Market parking.

At the West Side Market free parking on market days drops from 90 to 60 minutes and the parking fee increases from $1 per hour to “up-to” $3 per hour after that.

Council also approved increases for meters, which will also be able to be adjusted based on demand.

The city intends to use the money for the maintenance and management of its lots and Griffin says the prices are consistent with what competitors are charging.

Griffin says even with the increase during special events, he knows that competitors are charging more.

“You know you never want to be in the way of a good party, and we know that the Muni Lot is a great time on most Sundays,” Griffin said. “However, in government we have the responsibility to make sure that we have good governance and we are in the position where we want to make it family-friendly we want to welcome people but we also want our rates to maintain competitiveness.”