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SANDUSKY, Ohio (WJW) — The reimagined Top Thrill DragsterCedar Point’s 18th roller coaster — is expected to open next year.

Spokesperson Tony Clark teased a few new details on FOX 8 News in the Morning on Friday, when anchors tripped to the northern Ohio amusement park and resort.

“That big, tall rollercoaster that we closed a few years ago — we are currently reimagining that ride, turning it into something different that our guests will love and enjoy,” Clark said. “We’re already working on the next roller coaster at the roller coaster capital.”

Clark said more details about the new coaster could start trickling out this summer.

“As a coaster enthusiast — but not a totally crazy coaster enthusiast — I am looking forward to it. I think it’s going to be an attraction that our guests will really love,” Clark said. “It’s going to provide that thrill, and in Cedar Point fashion — doing something that nobody else has done.”

Top Thrill Dragster was closed in August 2021, after a metal bracket fell from the ride, severely injuring a parkgoer. State investigators found no evidence the ride was unsafe and did not recommend any administrative action against park owner Cedar Fair. The ride was officially retired in September 2022.

What’s new this year at Cedar Point?

The park’s newest themed area opens this season: The Boardwalk, “a modern interpretation of the Cedar Point of yesteryear,” according to a news release.

It comes with new attractions and entertainment and places to eat, as well as a new roller coaster, The Wild Mouse, and a new two-floor complex, the Grand Pavilion. Classic rides Matterhorn and Scrambler have also been moved to The Boardwalk.

This year, Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island, an interactive attraction launched in 2019, was shuttered. The park’s regular night beach parties, Cedar Point Nights, have also ended.