CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — Punch the bull is a typical young and growing steer.  

However, on Monday night, Cleveland Police Officer Chuck Limbscomb said Punch went where few bulls have gone before.

“I have never seen a cow running in the streets of Cleveland, no,” he said.

Don’t believe it, and don’t worry — because Limbscomb could barely believe it himself. 

Photo courtesy Cleveland police

“I would have,” he said. “Had it not been the fact that I was home at the time. So, by the time it got to me, I figured it was a real cow running thru the streets.”

Officers were dispatched to corral Punch, and eventually, his adventure came to an end on East 123rd Street. 

Punch was found in a family’s backyard and safely transferred into a trailer filled with plenty of his favorite food. 

“Luckily, one of our officers grew up on a farm so he had a little experience with it. And the officers on the job did a fantastic job getting it into a fenced-in yard,” he said.

Despite this being a viral moment, some serious questions need to be answered as to how and why this happened. 

“My best guess is that it was being improperly handled by someone. It seemed malnourished so it’s probably not from a traditional farm,” said Limbscomb. 

However, by Tuesday afternoon Punch’s owner still hadn’t been found. 

That leaves this young bull without a permanent home for now. 

Photo courtesy Cleveland police

“We will discuss it, but we are thinking of a rescue or something like that to send it to in the near future here so that way they can take better care of him,” Limbscomb.

Until then, Punch will enjoy spending time at the Cleveland mounted patrol barn with a whole lot of good food to eat. 

“We filled it up with a lot of hay. By the time we got here, he was rolled up in a huge ball of it and just enjoying himself,” he said.