Editor’s Note: The video above is about local high school football safety concerns.

(WJW) – Not buying it. Former Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer is weighing in on the investigation into the University of Michigan’s football program.

Michigan is accused of stealing opposing teams’ signs.

The investigation is focused on Michigan football staffer Connor Stalions, who has been suspended with pay since late last month. According to an ESPN report, an unnamed former Division III football coach alleged that Stalions provided him with sideline recordings of the Wolverines’ future opponents in exchange for monetary compensation.

Urban spoke about the claims during a recent episode of his podcast with Tim May.

“I also heard people say that ‘Well, everyone does that.’ And Tim, no one does that. I’ve never heard of that in 40 years of being around the game,” Meyer said.

Also, Meyer says he’s skeptical of the reporting.

“My experience is they’re wrong most of the time. And that’s not a shot at the media, but that’s reality. People say things that they’re reporting that’s just not true. So, I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt, saying, first of all, it’s hard for me to believe that is true,” Meyer said.

Urban coached the Ohio State Buckeyes from 2012 to 2018.

He was most recently fired from his head coaching job at the Jacksonville Jaguars after 13 games after multiple controversies.