PAINESVILLE, Ohio (WJW) – Driven by a case that could never be solved, Painesville City Police have installed a new camera system that’s already allowing them to crack down on crimes.

The Painesville Intersection Crime Camera System (PICCS) is a network of 20 active cameras at important intersections across the city.

Administrative Lieutenant Toby Burgett said PICCS helps streamline efforts.

“We use these cameras now on a daily basis,” Burgett said. “Pretty much any crime we have, if we have a burglary, if we have a theft, we’re checking the cameras to see if it catches anyone coming or going.”

Initially, the cameras were planned to include license plate readers, but that idea was scrapped due to cost. Burgett said PICCS will expand to 36 cameras soon.

“This is truly changing the way police work is done in Painesville city,” he said.

PICCS was funded primarily by a 2019 Police levy, that passed with 60 percent support, according to Burgett. So far, he said only one person has complained about the change, but knows that some people may view PICCS as a way of government oversight. Burgett reassures residents that it will not be an invasion of privacy.

“Public streets are what they’re looking at,” he said. “They’re not looking in the windows of your house. We’re not keeping track of your movements, anything like that. Very, very positive reviews from the community. They’re thankful that we’re able to obtain that information when they have a crime committed in their neighborhood. Especially when you have a shooting, or something of that nature. They want it solved; they want it solved quickly.”

More information on the system can be found here.