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OHIO (WJW) – Ohio voters will head back to the polls on Tuesday, Aug. 2. This is just three months after the May primary election.

The special second primary election will cost taxpayers between $20 million and $25 million. Since district lines weren’t ready when the spring primary rolled around, the primary vote for state representatives and state senators had to be postponed.

Voters will decide on Ohio Senate races, Ohio House of Representatives and some local issues.

Check out some of the races and how/where to vote below.

The races

  • State Representative, District 14:
    – Jolene B. Austin, R
    – David J. Morgan, R
  • State Representative, District 16:
    – Monique Smith, D
    – Bride Rose Sweeney, D
  • State Representative, District 17:
    – Ryan McClain, R
    – Thomas F. Patton, R
  • State Representative, District 18:
    – Ron Brough, R
    – David Horvath, R
  • State Representative, District 20:
    – Michael Seals, D
    – Terrence Upchurch, D
  • State Representative, District 21:
    – Michael Ettorre, D
    – Elliot Forhan, D
    – Jonathan Holody, D
  • State Representative, District 22:
    – Juanita O. Brent, D
    – Danielle J. Dronet, D
    – Vincent E. Stokes II, D
  • State Representative, District 53:
    – Joe Miller, D
    – Dan Ramos, D
  • State Representative, District 53:
    – Marty Gallagher, R
    – Sarah McGervey, R
  • State Representative, District 65:
    – Randy Law, R
    Mike Loychik, R
  • State Representative, District 67:
    – Ron Falconi, R
    – Melanie Miller, R
    – Terry Robertson, R
  • State Representative, District 70:
    – Ron Falconi, R
    – Melanie Miller, R
    – Terry Robertson, R
  • State Representative, District 98:
    – Darrell Kick, R
    – Scott Pullins, R
  • State Senator, District 13:
    – Kirsten Hill, R
    – Nathan H. Manning, R
  • State Senator, District 19:
    – Chrissie Hinshaw, D
    – Heather Swiger, D
  • State Senator, District 21:
    – John E. Barnes Jr., D
    – Kent Smith, D

Check your sample ballot here.

When are the polls open?

On Election Day, the polls are open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

See if your precinct has had a polling location change here.

Where to vote:

The Ohio Secretary of State’s website lets you search for your polling location. First, click on your county, then enter your address.

Click here for acceptable forms of ID at the polls.

What about absentee ballots?

Monday was the deadline for postmarked absentee ballots.

Track your absentee ballot here.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose announced weeks ago that more than 29,000 votes had been cast statewide via absentee ballot. More than 72,000 absentee ballots have been requested.

Sign up to be a poll worker here.

How can I see results?

Early returns will come in on August 2. around 7:30 p.m. You can watch them come in on