CLEVELAND (WJW) – Just about nobody thought the Browns could win, but Cleveland pulled off the upset against the undefeated San Francisco 49ers.

In the locker room after Sunday’s at-home victory, Coach Kevin Stefanski told the team he saw the fight from pregame to the end of the game.

Surrounded by jubilant players, he said, “I saw it in your eyes in pregame. I saw it. I saw what this team is about. Now, are we perfect? We’re not, we’re not. But we have a good football team. When we stick together, when we stick together, we got a good football team.”  

Coach Stefanski was referring to the fight that broke out before kick-off. 

Browns players felt the 49ers were disrespecting them.

There were a few tense moments before San Francisco’s Trent Williams busted in like a bouncer and broke it up.

When asked about it in a postgame interview, Browns safety, Juan Thornhill was blunt, saying that wasn’t the only thing that had the team stirred up.

“Everything you see this week, honestly. All you see, people say they don’t see the stuff on social media. I’m gonna be honest, I saw it. Like it pissed me off, we all just seeing, we had some of our fans not believing in us. And obviously, the 49ers thought they were going to come in and just walk all over us. But like I said, I believed all week and we came out with this win.” 

Up next: The Browns (3-2) take on the Colts (3-3) in Indianapolis on Sunday, but first it appears Stefanski has given the team a day off from practice.

In the video showing the after-game celebration, Stefanksi asks the players, “You guys want to come in tomorrow?” The reaction from players is somewhat mixed with one player yelling out “Victory Monday!” Stefanksi then tells the team, “Get a lift on Monday or Tuesday, I’ll see you Wednesday.” The announcement was followed by cheers.

See the video, here.