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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Five years of pain, frustration, regret and heartache but still no answers.

On Wednesday, a press conference was held to discuss the latest in the search for 41-year-old Amanda Dean, who was first reported missing out of Huron County in July of 2017.

Caroline Tokar says she just wants to know where her daughter is.

“I want to hear your voice again; I want to hear you sing. I’m sorry,” Tokar shared. 

Tokar says this all began in July of 2017 when their family alerted the Huron County Sheriff’s Office they were concerned about Amanda’s whereabouts.

At the time, Tokar says her daughter was a victim of an abusive relationship and her silence for two weeks straight was totally out of character.

The search for Amanda lasted just 24 hours and was called off because law enforcement had confirmed she was at a safe house.

However, Tokar hadn’t had any contact with her daughter since that day and was constantly given the same answer about Amanda’s whereabouts.

“He (Huron County Sheriff Todd Corbin) said Amanda is an adult and if Amanda wants to contact her family that it is up to her discretion but that she is safe

Until about two weeks ago, when Tokar says they filed a “proof of life” letter to Huron County Sheriff, Todd Corbin.

“He didn’t come back to me personally and tell me personally, but he did say he couldn’t give us that proof,” explained Tokar.

It now means the search for Amanda Dean resumes five and a half years later, with BCI now taking over the lead in this investigation.

Tokar believes it should have never taken this much time to resume the search for her daughter.

She wanted to make sure to credit the Cleveland Family Center for Missing Adults and Children, co-founded by Gina DeJesus and Sylvia Colon, for making this moment possible. 

“They are doing things that there is no way we would have known how to approach this,” said Tokar. 

FOX 8 did reach out to the Huron County Sheriff’s Office for comment on today’s story but was told they would not because BCI was taking the lead in this investigation. 

No suspects have been identified in this case for now, but FOX 8 was told the investigation is still in early stages by law enforcement.

If you have any information regarding Amanda’s disappearance, please contact either BCI at 855-BCI-OHIO or the Huron County Sheriff’s Office at 419-663-2828.