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It was the question that divided the nation in 2015, or at least internet users everywhere – “What color is this dress?”

Scientists stepped in to quell the online unrest by explaining how our brains can interpret colors differently – but that knowledge has apparently been lost or forgotten because a new color controversy has thrown Twitter into turmoil – this time it’s a bag, not a dress.

@Whyofcorso posted a photo of the Kate Spade purse to which someone responded (sarcastically?) “White. Daring.” Corso replied, “It’s blue.”

Her tweet has received thousands of likes and retweets – as well as the inevitable insults from Twitter trolls.

Unlike the dress, however, the color difference is not as stark – Corso says the bag, according to Kate Spade, is “Mystic Blue.” So, it’s apparently white or a light-colored blue – but there have been no compromises when it comes to the latest color spectrum squabble:

One person went so far as to use an editing program to find the definitive answer:

So, what color do you see? Is this bag blue, or white?