CLEVELAND (WJW) — After hundreds of crashes, a firefighter killed and more, the FOX 8 I-Team is asking what’s being done about danger on a stretch of the Shoreway where so many of you travel every day.

We’re talking about a three-mile stretch of I-90 on the Cleveland-Bratenahl border used by 125,000 drivers a day.

We investigated what’s happening there following what happened early Sunday morning. A driver slammed into a police car in the middle of an accident scene involving several other cars.

All of that, just up the highway from where, last month, a hit and run driver killed Cleveland firefighter Johnny Tetrick.

We’ve also seen wrong-way drivers in that area and chronic problems with high water and crashes.

Bratenahl Police say they’ve recorded about 200 crashes a year in that short stretch. So, now, they’re wondering, again, what can be done to make the highway safer for officers and you.

Officers blame a lot of the problems on speeders, and drunk drivers, and drivers simply not paying attention.

But, police also are asking the Ohio Department of Transportation to see what can be done to the highway itself. For instance, police point out, the Shoreway, there, is very tight off to the sides where a car might need to pull off, or officers might need to pull someone over.

“We’re reaching out to ODOT to see if they can look into possible roadway causes of what could be causing these crashes,” Sgt. Timothy O’Haire said.

ODOT Spokesperson Amanda McFarland released a statement to the I-Team:

“We’ve seen a decrease in crashes from 2017-2021. Unfortunately, that downward trend has seen a slight uptick this year. A review of crash data reveals that the vast majority of the crashes in this location occur during daylight hours on dry pavement with following too closely being the top factor. This should serve as another reminder that drivers need to pay attention, allow plenty of stopping distance in front of you, and obey the speed limit.”

Meantime, we’ve uncovered more about the deadly hit and run of the firefighter. The I-Team has learned, a witness reported it happened as the firefighter tried to cross the highway. The impact knocked him into the air. And, a driver captured it on camera. He had a camera rolling inside his truck. The driver in the firefighter hit-and-run has been indicted for murder.

Police say the driver slamming into a patrol car over the weekend was drunk, and she now faces charges for that.