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(WXIN) – There’s nothing like the perfect bite of nachos — getting the ideal amount of meat, cheese, veggies and sour cream on one chip.

In the interest of keeping us all well fed, the food-centric website Mashed has attempted to single out the “absolute best” nachos in each state, citing not only reviews from Tripadvisor and FourSquare, but assessments from Eater, Axios and even ESPN, along with critiques and best-of lists from local newspapers.

While the consensus for the base in a hearty plate of nachos is tortilla chips (except at Alabama’s El Barrio, where they use plantain chips, or the few eateries that opt for wontons), the toppings vary wildly, from classic ground beef to the more adventurous catfish, roast beef, and pomegranate seeds.

Some nacho dishes also borrow heavily from other cuisines, such as the signature plate from Expatriate in Oregon. The Thai-style ‘chos are “piled high with crisp wontons, lemongrass-infused strips of beef, fresh herbs, and salsa,” writes Mashed.

According to Mashed, nacho lore has it that the popular dish — which is often eaten as an appetizer — was accidentally created during World War II, when Ignacio Anaya, a maître d’ (or chef, according to some accounts) at the Victory Club in Piedras Negras, Mexico, “needed something fast” to serve traveling soldiers and their wives since it was nearing closing time.

As the story goes, he found and served them tortilla strips and toppings. When asked what the dish was called, Anaya, who went by Nacho, named it Nachos Especiales. It was later shortened to nachos, and the rest is history.

Here’s Mashed’s full list of the best nachos in each state:

For more information on each of the “absolute best” nacho spots, visit Mashed.