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WESTLAKE, Ohio — Westlake police said a man was arrested and charged with endangering children after he said he “completely forgot” his baby in the car.

According to a press release from police, on Saturday at around 12:30 p.m., Crocker Park security received a call about a baby locked in a car on the ground floor of the Main Street garage at Crocker Park.

Temperatures that day were about 70-75 degrees with 50% humidity.

Police said the vehicle’s windows were rolled up, and the sunroof was only “slightly cracked,” so temperatures inside the car were much warmer.

Someone passing by the car alerted security to the vehicle which was illegally parked. The citizen did not notice the 14-month-old baby strapped in the back seat, but that person saw something out of the ordinary and alerted authorities.

Officers arrived and unlocked the car to free the child and get him fresh air.

The Westlake Fire Department was called as well as Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services.

The baby, who was responsive but crying, was taken to the hospital for evaluation. Police are investigating how long the infant was alone in the car.

As officers investigated the incident, a man returned to the vehicle with a store bag in his hand. Westlake police said he admitted he parked the vehicle and forgot his child in the back seat.

The 23-year-old father, from Cleveland, was arrested and charged with endangering children. He was also charged with possession of marijuana. Police said there was a baggie of marijuana in plain view in the locked car with the baby.

The child was later released to his mother, with a safety plan in place.