WESTLAKE, Ohio (WJW) — Westlake police stopped a vehicle in the area of Crocker and Detroit Roads where they found some unusual items.

Police determined the man driving was headed to see his local parole officer on Sept. 9.

“Which is fine. What was not fine was that he had a bottle of urine, wrapped with disposable hand warmers and rubber bands in the car. Parole officers frown on such attempts to fool their mandated drug tests,” said Captain Gerald Vogel.

Vogel said the 32-year-old Avon Lake man, who they identified as Vincent Zimmer, was out on parole from Palm Beach, Florida for robbery with a gun and a mask.

Officers discovered he was driving with a suspended license in a stolen car.

“Another problem for the Avon Lake resident, while looking into the dealer plate on the vehicle, officers learned that it had actually been stolen from a dealership in Columbus,” Vogel said.

Westlake Police photo of Avon Lake resident Vincent Zimmer

Vogel explained to FOX 8 News Friday why Zimmer had hand warmers wrapped around the urine bottle. “Drug testing requirements include that the urine should be at around a normal body temperature to get accurate results,” he said.

Vogel said they arrested Zimmer and charged him with driving under suspension as well as felony receiving stolen property.

“The Adult Parole Authority placed a hold on the man and expected to extradite him to Florida due to violating parole in that state,” Vogel added.