CLEVELAND (WJW) – West Side Market will soon be managed by a newly established nonprofit organization.

According to the initiative announced by Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb on Thursday, the nonprofit will handle day-to-day operations and maintenance at the market. The city will remain the market’s owner.

It’s part of the city’s plan for the market’s long-term sustainability.

“The West Side Market is a Cleveland jewel that has so much potential for growth and community impact,” said Mayor Bibb. “We will have a strong strategy and specific solutions to problems that have challenged the Market before we hand operations off to a nonprofit to lead the West Side Market in its second century.” 

They also announced a 10-month master planning process that will guide the group through stall layout, building infrastructure, program development and finance modeling.

The city will continue operating West Side Market during the transition.

The historic market, which has been open since 1912, has lost vendors over the past years due to reported need for improvements.

Former Mayor Frank Jackson’s administration started the West Side Market Revitalization Plan in 2019. That plan was finished back in February and recommended that the city implement a master plan for the market.

Earlier this year, Cleveland City Council approved legislation allowing vendors to sell alcohol, among other changes.