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CLEVELAND – The West Side Market went dark again Sunday amid a second power outage in as many weeks.

Vendors said the historic market lost power just before noon, and the outage lasted about 1.5 hours.

Another power outage on July 24 lasted 11 hours and forced vendors to close and throw away perishable food items that spoiled.

The City of Cleveland owns and manages the market.

West Side Market Tenants Association President Don Whitaker, who owns D.W. Whitaker Meats, said tenants have pleaded for years for the city to install a backup electric generator.

He said the power outages are just a symptom of ongoing mismanagement.

“We’re just hoping the mayor does accept that they do have a problem running this, because that’s all it takes, is them to accept it and then move on to find a better form of management,” Whitaker said.

The city hired a consultant to explore potential changes to improve the market, and Whitaker said the consultant has formed a friends and stakeholders group.

“There’s a lot of great minds in this group that want to help the city, but the city has to accept that they need help,” Whitaker said. “And that’s the log jam right now.”

FOX 8 News reached out to the office of Mayor Frank Jackson about any steps it’s taking to address the power outages and a timeline for solutions but had not yet heard back at the time of publication.