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CHESTERLAND, Ohio (WJW) — A West Geauga High School teacher is under investigation by the school district after using a controversial image in class Thursday.

The image was reportedly shown during an 11th grade AP government class lesson about voter eligibility.

The image apparently depicted examples of two ineligible voters. On one side was a mugshot of what appears to be a convicted felon and on the other side was a beat up version of the animated character Dora the Explorer.

In a statement Superintendent Richard Markwardt, Ph.D wrote,

“We are investigating the matter related to the politically-insensitive slides allegedly contained in a teacher’s classroom presentation today. The teacher has been placed on leave pending the results of the investigation.”

“I was outraged,” said Stephanie Anderson, whose son is in the class, “Whether this teacher intended it to be a joke, something he found online it’s simply inappropriate and outrageous.”

“Seeing that white supremacist juxtaposed with a brown skinned child who has a superimposed black eye, blood coming from her mouth with the offense of illegal border crossing and resisting arrest combined with 666 666666 is 100% inappropriate,” said Anderson.

Multiple parents expressed outrage online and reportedly called the school district to complain.

Anderson, who is also a lawyer says the image wasn’t even accurate. She says, obviously illegal aliens are ineligible to vote, so listing the offenses was unnecessary. Additionally illegal border crossing and resisting arrest are both misdemeanors.

“There are so many other more appropriate ways to get your point across,” said Anderson.

More than anything she and the other upset parents hope the teacher and entire district realize how hurtful the image might be to children and families.

And she says, the classroom is no place for personal political beliefs.

“It’s not okay for either extreme,” said Anderson, “So whether you are very liberal or very conservative at either end of the spectrum, imparting your views on your students in a non-educationally beneficial way is unacceptable.”