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OHIO (WJW) — Hospitalizations due to coronavirus are on the rise in Ohio.

In a press conference Monday afternoon, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and leaders from the Ohio Hospital Association (OHA) discussed how hospitalization rates are expected to continue rising.

“We’re not planning for the surge, the surge is here,” Dr. Richard Lofgren of UC Health in Cincinnati said during the press conference. “We’re approaching the point where the influx of COVID patients will displace non-COVID care.”

In the last 24 hours, 282 hospitalizations have been reported, with 32 people in the ICU. The health department said that numbers reported today were not complete. One out of four people currently in hospitals across the state are battling COVID-19, doctors noted.

“We have not yet seen a plateau of these cases,” said Gov. DeWine. “We’re not hitting a plateau yet and we’re certainly not hitting a plateau in the hospitals.”

Doctors explained during the press conference that Thanksgiving holiday gatherings, which they recommended against, should affect hospitalization numbers in about two weeks.

In response to what hospitals could be dealing with in the next few weeks, Dr. Lofgren said he’s anticipating at least a 50% increase in hospitalizations at the current rate we are going.

DeWine said that Ohioans must remain vigilant about personal responsibility:

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