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CLEVELAND — Some well-known names in Cleveland football are teaming up to bring a medical marijuana dispensary to Northeast Ohio.

Ohio State Heisman winner Troy Smith, Glenville coach Ted Ginn, Sr., and former Cleveland Browns running back Eric Metcalf, have partnered up with Jim Buchanan, an entrepreneur who spent 16 years in Cleveland before moving to Seattle, Washington.

“I got into medical marijuana originally as a patient in the state of Washington. Then I got into the business side after seeing the effects of it on my body for arthritis and pain,” said Buchanan.

When medical marijuana was legalized in Ohio last year, Buchanan came back and immediately partnered up with Metcalf, Smith, and Ginn Sr..

“Ted was really interested in the economic opportunities, as well as the medical aspect for his players, like Troy. Troy fell into this because of what it can do for his body after experiencing tons of collisions playing football,” said Buchanan.

In fact, the three traveled to Columbus for a public hearing Tuesday on the rules and regulations the state is proposing to finalize.

“We’ve been looking in South Euclid. It is a phenomenal city, phenomenal location. We want to be in between a CVS and a Walgreen’s. We want to be where folks need medicine,” said Buchanan.

Buchanan says 60 dispensaries will be licensed this year.​