Editor’s Note: The video above is previous coverage on the Deshaun Watson investigation.

HOUSTON (WJW) — Attorneys for Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson are seeking to quash, or block, a motion to have him deposed Monday on a lawsuit filed by a woman in October, claiming sexual misconduct during a massage, according to the FOX 8 I-Team.

Attorney Rusty Hardin, who represents Watson, said neither Watson nor he will be available Monday for the deposition, according to the I-Team.

He said the deposition had been scheduled for last Thursday but the attorney for the woman cancelled at the last minute and then filed a motion to have the deposition Monday.

A court hearing is still scheduled for Tuesday on the lawsuit. Watson’s attorneys are seeking the woman’s medical records since she claimed mental anguish in the lawsuit. 

Hardin said during Tuesday’s court hearing that both sides may discuss rescheduling the depositions. He said they have been trying to depose the accuser since December. 

Hardin said they contend that the lawsuit is “totally fabricated.”

The most recent case was filed on Oct. 13.

Watson’s lawyers have filed new exhibits and other evidence trying to show that case is what they call a “sham.”

The new exhibits show the latest accuser sent Watson three dozen text messages after their first meeting. An affidavit also says the woman had told Watson’s lawyers “I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to do,” and “I would love to be in love, and to love him.”

The woman’s attorney did not return messages seeking comment.

Last year, Watson settled 23 lawsuits filed by women in Houston accusing him of sexual misconduct as they gave him massages.

Watson has repeatedly maintained his innocence.