ELYRIA, Ohio (WJW) – – Here’s a fish story for you…and it’s true!

Fox 8 has cute video to prove it.

When Brian Gerard’s teen daughter, Brianna, finally took him up on his offer to go fishing, she didn’t expect to come home with a whopper of a fish story — and this is no tall tale.

Teens get busier as they get older, and Brianna is no exception with work, school, sports, and being more social, but Brianna has fond memories of catching “cute little fish” with her dad, and this time she said: “Sure, let’s go.”

Brian, Brianna, and her grandfather drove from Avon Lake to go fishing for the first time on the Black River in Elyria’s Cascade Park.

While Brianna’s dad videotaped her fishing with her grandfather on the bank of the river, something tugged on her fishing line, then tugged harder.

Brianna struggled to reel in the fish as her fishing line bent even more. Brian knew she snagged a “doozy.” In the video above, Brianna is heard excitedly saying “Dad help.”

Brian knew this wasn’t going to be just another “cute little fish” and handed his cell phone to his dad so he could bring up the fish she just caught.

Brianna’s 87-year-old grandfather, Pete Gerard, is heard saying on the video: “I’m telling you that’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen caught by us.”

Brian, who is a lifelong fisherman, says the flathead catfish weighed a whopping 30 pounds and was over two and a half feet long. He said they used a shrimp as a lure.

On the video, Brianna is heard happily saying “I did that dad.”

After Brianna posed for a picture, they released the catfish back into the Black River and watched it swim away.

Her dad told Fox 8 News: “Her catching that big fish two weeks ago was a real game changer,” “Now, she asks me to go fishing for catfish every day, and so does grandpa.”