CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team found a wrong-way driver barreled down the Shoreway for about ten miles and we’ve obtained video showing how police finally stopped that car.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, a half-dozen people called 911 for a driver going the wrong way in the eastbound lanes of the Shoreway.

One witness reported, “Some (expletive) was going the wrong way, like flying.”

Another said, “He’s going to kill somebody.”

Cameras put up by the Ohio Department of Transportation captured what happened, backing up what the witnesses said.

Another told a dispatcher, “Going 100 miles an hour.”

The dispatcher responded with, “He’s going 100?”

And, the caller said, “I mean, I don’t know how fast. He’s going super fast.”

The driver first had been spotted on the Shoreway near Bratenahl, but he continued toward downtown, even sparking calls near Dead Man’s Curve.

While many people called 911, consider that by the time they grabbed the phone, that car had zoomed past.

The recordings show that callers were placed on hold, at times up to half a minute, waiting to get transferred to a Cleveland Police dispatcher.

By then, that driver had gone far down the highway and to most folks, the wrong-way driver was just a blur.

A dispatcher asked one man, “What kind of vehicle?”  

He answered, “I have no clue.”

Another dispatcher asked a caller, “Do you know what color car?” 

He responded by asking his passenger, “What color was that car? Did you notice?”

Finally, radio traffic shows a Cleveland Police officer calling out, “We’re sitting on 90 East. Waiting to see if he comes this way.”

A patrol car then moved into place on the Innerbelt Bridge ahead of the wrong-way driver.

Video shows the driver arrived there in the middle of the highway and, at last, he slowed to a stop when faced with flashing lights.

Police say they arrested Jerome Fuller. He has now been charged with operating a vehicle while impaired and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Records show he’s been convicted before for OVI and for driving with no license.

The I-Team recently revealed that, next year, the Ohio Department of Transportation plans to put signs with flashing lights and sensors on many ramps along I-71 and I-90 in and around Cleveland to prevent drivers from getting on the highway the wrong way.

If a driver goes down the ramp the wrong way, the sensors will set off the flashing lights and help alert police.