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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The trial for a woman accused of killing an off-duty Cleveland police officer on New Year’s Eve is now on its third day.

Tamara McLoyd

18-year-old Tamara McLoyd is facing 10 charges, including aggravated murder.

McLoyd is accused of killing 25-year-old Shane Bartek on December 31 while he was off duty.

Police said McLoyd ambushed Bartek in a carjacking on Rocky River Drive. The two struggled for her gun before he was shot.

McLoyd took off in his car which was found hours later, according to police.

Court started Wednesday with video from surveillance of the struggle between the two. Lawyers played the video frame-by-frame.

Police said McLoyd confessed hours after they arrested her. McLoyd’s attornies asked to have the confession thrown out, saying she was drinking and getting high, but then withdrew that motion under the instruction of McLoyd.

Shane Bartek. (Photo courtesy: Jacqueline Ketterer)

McLoyd then filed papers saying her lawyers were working against her. McLoyd was in court just last week, asking to fire her attorneys.

Bartek was a Cleveland police officer who worked in the fifth district since 2019.

In court Tuesday, jurors heard from the first officer on scene. He described what evidence he found when he arrived and the moment he learned the man killed was a fellow officer.