CLEVELAND (WJW) — Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows how a traveler passing through Cleveland Hopkins International Airport became a victim, so he thought like a crook. He tracked down valuable electronics stolen from his luggage. Now, he’s getting justice, too.

Cleveland police video shows Tyler Hamilton talking to an officer about his missing luggage. An officer then finds the bag in an airport bathroom, but valuables had been taken out.

Hamilton said he then took action.

“So, I put a police report in, and then, I was thinking, I was, like, ‘what would I do if I stole all this stuff?'” he told the I-Team.

Hamilton started looking on a popular online site where people buy and sell stuff. And sure enough, he spotted his electronics.

“I saw my Xbox, my controller, and the external hard drive,” he said. “All of it for $500 he was selling it.”

Next, Hamilton got the police involved, and they went to see the guy believed to be selling what had been stolen from his luggage.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport video still

They went to see a man at a little shop on the west side. He said he had bought the goods from someone else. Police video shows an officer asking the clerk about the man who’d sold the goods.

The officer asks, “What did he tell you about it?” The man answers, “Ah, he was selling it because of his girlfriend.”

The officer also points out, “He sold you a stolen item.” And, the clerk says. “I know. I understand it was stolen. I didn’t know though.”

And the video also shows the moment when the clerk hands over a box with Hamilton’s belongings. Saying, “Sorry about that.”

“I was just excited that I actually got my most expensive thing that was stolen back. I was excited that I got my Xbox back. I was relieved,” Hamilton said.

Since then, police believe they’ve identified the thief at the airport. They are taking the case to a grand jury for charges. So, Hamilton may be flying back to Cleveland again to get justice.