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Yes, you read that headline correctly.

A new reality show in the United Kingdom, called Dogs Might Fly, has followed 12 rescue dogs along a journey to see if they can learn the skills necessary to fly a plane.

According to The Guardian, the pups have been tested throughout the weeks to see if they can master easier skills, with a few dogs eliminated each week.

“A dog is a ground-based quadruped, so they’re not designed for flying – just as humans aren’t,” says Mark Vette, the show’s animal psychologist. “There were some issues with dexterity: how would they manipulate the yoke and the controls, and how they would they sit up comfortably?”

The dog’s trainer sits in the back of the plane and presses a button that makes a noise. Each different noise corresponds to whatever task the pilot wants the pooch to do.

He even had a harness made so he could sit inside the plane safely.

Check out these videos to see these adorable pups take to the sky.