SYDNEY (WJW) — Footage released from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia shows the moment five lions escaped their enclosure and sparked a lockdown at the park.

On November 2, four lion cubs and one adult male were caught on camera slipping through a hole in a fence around their enclosure at the zoo, according to the Taronga Zoo.

In a statement, the Taronga Zoo said five lions “calmly investigated within meters of their main exhibit, before actively trying to find their way back under the fence.”

Three of the cubs and the adult male were able to reenter the exhibit, but one cub was tranquilized by the zoo’s emergency response team.

The Taronga Zoo said an “integrity issue with a containment fence” is what allowed the lions to escape.

“Taronga’s review of the lion incident is ongoing, and an independent, specialist forensic engineer is still conducting detailed investigations on the failure and the complex mesh fencing system. Their review will also advise on necessary repairs,” the zoo said in a statement.

The zoo said the lions will remain in an “outdoor, back-of-house habitat” and will not be back in their main exhibit before Christmas, as the review and necessary repairs are made.