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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team reveals a suspected killer showing up at a stranger’s back door with a gun.

Now, that homeowner is speaking out with a cry for help before it’s too late because of violent crime in Cleveland.

Security cameras captured what a Westside man saw from his bedroom window last weekend in the middle of the night.

He saw a man holding a gun walking up his driveway and wandering around his back door near West 105 and Western.

The man at the home said, “I seen the gun in his hand. I’m thinking he’s going to open fire on my house. Looking into his eyes, I just think he’s going to start randomly shooting into the house because he seen me.”

The man watching from his window called 911, but he could barely spit out what was happening.
He told dispatch, “He’s got a gun. He’s in the yard. Hurry up.”

But the first call taker showed frustration and even anger, responding with “Sir! Who?”

What happened in that backyard came just after a lot of gunfire on the next street over. Police say trouble broke out at a big house party on West 105th. It left four people shot. One man dead. Police say even the suspected killer was shot and wounded. Many neighbors reported the gunfire.

The folks watching out their bedroom window, then, made a second call to 911, saying,
“Hurry up, sir. Hurry up.”

That dispatcher also showed frustration and answered sharply, saying, “Sir, we have someone shot on 105, so it’s probably the guy. We’ve already got officers running to that.”

The caller, though, responded with, “He’s in my yard with a gun.”
That witness also heard the gunman outside his home call for a ride. The security video shows a car pulling up and the gunman going out of it. Police later arrested him at the hospital, and charged him with murder.

They also found a gun in the backyard where the gunman had wandered.

We’ve reported many times on Cleveland Police short-staffing, and violent criminals off the hook.

So, the man at that home with the cameras has a message for Cleveland City Hall after finding a suspected killer at his door.

He said, “It is a priority that they get more police out here on the streets. We don’t feel safe in our home, so we’re looking for a place out of Cleveland. We want to leave Cleveland. Cleveland’s not safe anymore.”

The suspect arrested had been shot and wounded, and he did get treated at the hospital.

He now sits in jail with his case likely to go before a grand jury soon.