***Video courtesy of Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office***

LANCASTER COUNTY, Neb. (WJW) — A suspected drunk driver was arrested after Nebraska investigators said he unintentionally called 911 on himself while driving the wrong way.

As seen in body camera video released Thursday, the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office responded after a caller said another vehicle was heading the wrong way on Highway 77 back in March.

“He had his brights on, man. He almost ran me off the road,” the caller said in the video.

Deputies are then seen approaching a car stopped on the side of the road.

“Do you know why I stopped you?” the deputy asked the driver.

“I was on the wrong side of the road,” the driver said. “I must’ve missed an exit.”

According to investigators, the driver turned out to be the man who mistakenly reported a wrong-way driver earlier that night.

“I thought someone was on the wrong side of the [expletive] road, bro,” the driver said.

“But it turns out it was you,” the deputy said.

“Yup, like a dumb [expletive],” the driver said.

According to the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, investigators said the driver’s blood alcohol content was twice over the legal limit. The driver was then arrested, as reported by Fox News.

No one was injured, officials said.

“Additional Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office deputies are on duty and will be focusing on traffic violations, including impaired drivers, throughout the holiday weekend,” deputies said on Facebook.