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WARREN, Ohio (WJW) – A suspect was taken into custody after forcing his way into a Warren daycare center during a police chase last week.

Police just released a body camera video showing his arrest.

According to the Warren Police Department, the incident started when an officer tried to pull over a man, 39-year old Lamar Mitchell, wanted for felonious assault on Nov. 2.

According to police, Mitchell refused to stop and officers started pursuing him on North Park Avenue. Police say Mitchell crashed into a vehicle in the area of North Park and Washington Street NE and got out of the vehicle.

With officers chasing him, Mitchell ran to the back of a daycare center and forced his way through a back door as an employee tried to close it, police say.

In the police bodycam video, you can see an officer chase after him into the daycare center, trying to tase him. The video shows what appears to be Mitchell making a shooting motion with his bare hands toward the officer who was pursuing him. 

The suspect then ran into a room with several young kids and jumped into a play pen area with a child.

“Get him cuffed. Get the kids please, get the kids!” one of the officers is heard yelling, with children crying in the background.

As officers tried to cuff the suspect, others removed the children from the building.

Officers then arrested the man and are seen leading him out of the building. Officers eventually filed many charges against him related to the traffic chase and entry into the daycare.

Mitchell appeared in court for a preliminary hearing Thursday morning.

He faces 13 charges in addition to the original felonious assault, including aggravated burglary, failure to comply, multiple counts of aggravated menacing and traffic offenses.