NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio (WJW) – Police need your help in identifying a man they say vandalized a local woman’s porch multiple times.

Ring camera video shows a man vandalizing the back porch of an apartment in North Olmsted around 2:45 a.m. Friday.

“The resident initially called us in early August to report a similar incident had occurred,” said Sgt. Matthew Beck, with North Olmsted police.

According to the police reports, this all stems from an encounter between the victim and a food delivery driver.

“It was where the driver that was supposed to deliver her food wasn’t actually the person who delivered it. So she did file a complaint with the company and then two days later, the trash started piling up on her back porch,” said Beck.

Three days after the first incident, the resident reported trash thrown on her patio again.

Police advised the resident to install a Ring camera so she did. On August 19, it recorded the suspect in action.

“It shows a man who walks up to her back patio with a container of unknown liquid and dumps it. He then grabs another container of white paint and dumps that. Then, he comes back a third time with a bag full of trash,” said Beck.

The victim did not want to go on camera because she fears retaliation. However, she did say she installed the Ring camera so it’s hidden and recording all the time from the inside.

“At first, this could have been considered a prank but now it’s escalated to the point where he is doing damage to property,” said Beck.

Police say once this individual is identified, he will face charges.