CLEVELAND (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows a driver in a stolen SUV barreling right at Cleveland police even as they arrested a group of people for another stolen car.

On the police video, you hear tires squealing outside a gas station, and a gunshot, too. On security video, you see a stolen car driving straight toward detectives, and police suddenly have to protect the people they’re arresting. They had been in the process of busting young kids in a stolen car case.

“You hear that gunshot?” an officer asked a suspect in the police video.

“Yeah, yeah. What happened?” a kid answered.

“Trying to keep you from getting shot, that’s what happened,” The officer responded.

Police can be seen guiding the suspects they’re arrested to kneel down behind a police car for cover.

The security video shows the stolen SUV that came charging into the parking lot made a sharp turn just before crashing into the scene.

The incident happened back in March at a gas station on Broadway. The city just released the video, yet we had requested it more than five months ago.

This case occurred just after suspected car thieves had shot and wounded a Cleveland police officer in a separate encounter.

In this case, police arrested a group of juveniles and young adults. So, we checked on what happened when they went to court.

Records show one juvenile was sent away to a juvenile lock-up

But, another juvenile got probation even though he faced charges for a gun and stolen property.

Others ended up ordered to pay money to the stolen car victim for damages.

So much chaos on the streets surrounding stolen cars. Here, police even had to protect the suspects they’re arresting.