PARMA, Ohio (WJW) – A Parma resident’s Ring camera captured the moment a pair of coyotes wandered through his front yard over the weekend.

Around 3 a.m. Sunday, as seen in the video above, a coyote walked past their driveway and flowerbed in a neighborhood near Normandy High School. Another coyote quickly followed behind.

The resident said the neighborhood borders the West Creek Reservation, so it’s not too surprising to have coyote sightings in the area, but this was the first time he caught them in his front yard.

Coyotes are common in all of Ohio’s 88 counties, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. They become more active during their mating season, which is typically between January and March.

As nocturnal animals, coyotes are most active between dusk and dawn. They hunt small mammals like rabbits and mice, but small pets can also be in danger.

So, how can you keep your four-foots safe?

According to ODNR, remove all “attractants” like garbage and outdoor pet food before dusk. You should also bring in small dogs and cats at night when coyotes are most active.

If a coyote comes onto your property, ODNR experts suggest shouting or clapping loudly to scare it off.

If the coyote doesn’t seem afraid of humans, you may need to contact a nuisance trapper. You can find one near you by calling the Division of Wildlife at 1-800-WILDLIFE (945-3543).

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