FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio (WJW) — A very rare type of squirrel is visiting neighbors, making friends and bringing smiles to Fairview Park.

Some neighbors, like Mary Dugan, said they’ve never seen an albino squirrel, but that recently changed.

Dugan sent Fox 8 photos and a video of the bright white squirrel that visits her backyard every morning.

Photo Courtesy: Mary Dugan

“The white squirrel of Fairview Park has slowly become the favorite part of my days,” Dugan told Fox 8 News. “When I come out in the morning for my coffee the squirrel is already always out and about looking for nuts. I like to consider us friends, I’ve named him Rowan and look forward to seeing him each day.”

Some in the neighborhood have reportedly taken to calling the squirrel Snowflake.