** Video in the player above is courtesy of Brenda Tate and Tim Doucette via Storyful.

TUSKET FALLS, Nova Scotia (WJW) — Video shows a dazzling, blue-orange flash over Brenda Tate’s backyard when the Orionid meteor shower was at its peak last week.

Tate’s camera in the early morning captured a timelapse of the “turquoise and orange” fireball that was “clearly rotating,” according to her report to the American Meteor Society.

“I felt it was an important event because of intensity and the length of that trail,” she wrote in her report.

Another skywatcher from Brooks, Maine, reported seeing the same display to the society.

The Orionid meteor shower will remain active through Nov. 22, but it peaked last week, according to the society.

The video was animated with help from Tim Doucette of Deep Sky Observatory in Quinan, Nova Scotia, where Tate sometimes works as an assistant, she noted in her report.

The video was later provided to Storyful.