CLEVELAND (WJW) — Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team reveals what we haven’t seen before with a mother and son caught with guns and ammunition at the Cuyahoga County Justice Center.

And, for the first time, we hear what the suspects said to investigators.

Last week, the I-Team broke the news of Lanell Williams and Andrea Williams arrested for two guns, 99 rounds of ammunition and more. It happened after a guard discovered the guns at a security checkpoint.

Now, body camera video from Cuyahoga County sheriff’s deputies shows the initial investigation.

As a deputy goes through a duffel bag with the weapons, he can be heard saying, “This is insane.”

Deputies say Lanell Williams put that bag of weapons through an x-ray screening machine.

One deputy said to another, “He’s got firearms. He’s got, like, an Uzi in his backpack.”

Williams, quickly, said, “It’s a Mac 10 and a 9.”

A deputy, then, asked, “Why’d you bring it in the courthouse?”

And, Williams answered, “We got chased.”

Photo courtesy Cuyahoga County sheriff’s deputies

The video shows investigators could not understand why anyone would bring guns into a courthouse complex.

“When I first came in here, I was trying to talk to the officer … before I stepped in …’I got something.’ But, everything happened so fast in the line,” Lanell Williams said.

A deputy asked him, “What was the main purpose of coming down here?”

Williams responded, “We was being chased.”

The deputy wanted to know, “Chased by who?”

And, Wiliams said, “Her ex.”

Investigators found Lanell Williams had come downtown with his mother, Andrea, to see about a protection order.

But, he was vague, saying: “The story is so deep … you’ve gotta talk to her about that. We’re being chased by multiple cars. That’s why, if y’all noticed, I turn my head because I don’t know is who.”

Deputies arrested the son and the mother saying, at the checkpoint, they found her actions a little odd. So, they hauled her in, too.

At one point, she asked a deputy, “My baby OK?”

The deputy answered, “He’s OK. He’s in the County Jail.”

Andrea Williams, then, asked, “Why’s he in jail? He gotta stay in there?”

The deputy, then, said, “We’ll explain it to you, later on.”

Cuyahoga County prosecutors filed weapons charges for the guns against both Lanell and Andrea Williams.

Then, the I TEAM found, Cleveland Heights police filed a criminal complaint against Andrea Williams. Records show she is suspected of shooting up a house. The home of an ex-boyfriend.
Back at the Justice Center, Lanell Williams also told investigators that he and his mother had just been to a hospital with the gun. Yet, he couldn’t explain which hospital.

“You guys were at a hospital, too? You had both of these weapons inside a hospital?” a deputy asked.

Lanell Williams responded to that with, “Yes, they took me to the back room.”

Now, he and his mother have to explain having guns in the justice center.

The video backs up what deputies said, initially. They reported the incident didn’t appear to be tied to any planned attack inside the justice center.